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Visit us at Ocean Business

Visit us at Ocean Business

TeamSurv are exhibiting at Ocean Business on stand A21, along with DLR and IsardSAT as part of the Base Platform project, with another partner EOMap next door. Base Platform is looking at producing bathymetry using both our crowd sourcing and various types of satellite derived bathymetry.

Entrance to the exhibition is free, so please come in and say hello. Also, on Thursday there are two workshops, first of all at 1500 by EOMap specifically on their technology, and then a general one on Base Platform at 1545. These are both held at Node Room 1, 064/03, Level 4.

EOMap offer optical satellite derived bathymetry, where they calculate the depth from the colour shift in the water  - this works in waters up to about 25 meters depth. DLR use SAR (synthetic aperture radar) in two ways. First, they detect the boundary between water and land and, knowing the time, use a tidal model to work out the height of tide, thereby giving them a contour. Secondly, they select images where there are significant regular waves, and calculate the depth from how the wavelength shortens as the depth gets shallower - this works in medium depths. Finally, for deep water, IsardSAT use satellite altimetry to measure the height of the sea's surface, which varies with changes in the gravitational field. If the sea bed comes up, the gravitational field is stronger, whereas in deeper water it is weaker, and the depth of water can be inferred from this.