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WOC Sustainable Oceans Summit

WOC Sustainable Oceans Summit

Tm Thornton was one of the speakers at the World Ocean Council's Sustainable Oceans Summit in Rotterdam. This annual event brings together science, industry and government to look at the whole range of marine sustainability issues. Tim talked about the dearth of data not just in bathymetry but generally in oceanography, and how this means that there is no baseline against which to measure changes. Then on how the 10 million seagoing vessels could help fill this data gap. It has also resulted in a number of shipping and fishing companies wanting to sign up to TeamSurv.

New Staff

We've recently had aother increase in our staffing levels. On the vessel recruitment side we have been joined by Duncan Kent and Shannon McGinley. Duncan is an experienced marine journalist, previously of Yachting Monthly and Sailing Today, who will be dealing with the media, and Shannon is replacing Sarah Cox in recruiting vessels into our fleet and keeping them active, as well as using her skills in running our social media activities. On the technical side we also have two new faces on a temporary basis: Nalan Dayarathna on app development, especially for Android; and Aidan Ryan working on the electronics with Nicholas.