Logging / Android App

As well as our app for iPhones and iPads, we are developing a similar app for Android. This will talk to your instruments over Wi-Fi, display the data to you so you have another MFD in your hand, and also allow you to send us the data when you get ashore. It will work with just about any Wi-Fi interface to your instruments, including  ours, and has been set up to easily connect to the most popular device.

The first preview release of this will be available in February 2017.

Although Apple devices tend to be more popular amongst boat owners, for the purposes of his app we find Android a better platform. The user interface is less constrained, allowing for a better design, and also a major drawback of Apple devices is that if you bring up another app, Apple forces the connection between our app and the instruments to be dropped, so you lose data whilst using the other app.