Logging / NMEA0183 Wi-Fi Adapter

In addition to developing our apps for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, we are also developing low cost NMEA to Wi-Fi interfaces. The first release of the NMEA0183 to Wi-Fi adapter has just gone out to some testers, and here will be 2 or 3 iterations of this, each nearer to the final product and going out to larger numbers as we approach the final product.


1 bi-directional, fully opto-isolated NMEA0183 port with reverse polarity and over-voltage protection. User selectable speeds from 4800bps to 38400bps
 Configuration Either as an Access Point (AP) or as a client to another AP such as a router.
 Protocols 802.11b/g/n
 Channels All Wi-Fi channels available. Channel is selectable by user.
 Security WEP2
 Protocols TCP, UDP Broadcast, UDP Multicast
 IP addresses and port 
All user configurable. When a client, IP address may be fixed or dynamic. When an AP, can act as a DHCP server
 Keep alive
Optional keep-alive sentence over TCP to avoid the connection being dropped through timeouts, and user configurable time-out on the port to avoid it getting locked by a dropped connection
 Wi-Fi Antenna
 LEDs and Switches
Press button switch for reboot and factory reset. LEDs for power, NMEA In, NMEA Out, Wi-Fi and Reboot.
12/24V DC, 65mA @ 12V
 Configuration Password protected configuration via web pages, or through NMEA0183 sentences over Wi-Fi.


Version A1j  Release Notes

This is the first version to go out to public testing. Known issues and limitations are:

  • Enclosure is significantly larger than the final product
  • Fastenings are not stainless steel, and the board has not had a conformal coating, so both are prone to corrosion in the long term
  • Over voltage protection on the NMEA0183 ports is currently just 12V, and not the full range of power input voltages
  • Configuration pages are functional but not well laid out, and the user interface needs designing
  • Transmission is either TCP or UDP, rather than both simultaneously
  • The TCP connection is currently limited to 1 device
  • Configuration changes by Wi-Fi sentences are only retained until reboot or power off