Logging / NMEA0183 Wi-Fi Adapter

In addition to developing our apps for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, we are also developing low cost NMEA to Wi-Fi interfaces.

The NMEA0183 to Wi-Fi adapter has had good feedback from testers out in the field. We now have the circuit board and enclosure fully designed, and are having a small run of the final PCB design go to production manufacturing so we know there won't be any problems when we produce large volumes. With that out of the way, we will finish off the code with a better user interface for the configuration screens; simultaneous UDP and TCP connections; and increasing the number of simultaneous TCP connections.

We are starting a Kickstarter campaign for this device on 17th May to get enough initial orders to make volume manufacturing feasible. See here for more details.


1 bi-directional, fully opto-isolated NMEA0183 port with reverse polarity and over-voltage protection. User selectable speeds from 4800bps to 38400bps
 Configuration Either as an Access Point (AP) or as a client to another AP such as a router.
 Protocols 802.11b/g/n
 Channels All Wi-Fi channels available. Channel is selectable by user.
 Security WEP2
 Protocols TCP, UDP Broadcast, UDP Multicast
 IP addresses and port 
All user configurable. When a client, IP address may be fixed or dynamic. When an AP, can act as a DHCP server
 Keep alive
Optional keep-alive sentence over TCP to avoid the connection being dropped through timeouts, and user configurable time-out on the port to avoid it getting locked by a dropped connection
 Wi-Fi Antenna
 LEDs and Switches
Press button switch for reboot and factory reset. LEDs for power, NMEA In, NMEA Out, Wi-Fi and Reboot.
12/24V DC, 65mA @ 12V
 Configuration Password protected configuration via web pages, or through NMEA0183 sentences over Wi-Fi.